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Food Premises Inspection App

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  • Available for iOS, Android and Windows
  • Seamlessly integrates with Council IT and back end data
  • Export/email inspection data
  • FPAR or ASFA available
  • Integrates with Scores on the Doors Australia
  • Automatically calculate scores
  • Collect signatures in app
  • Works offline
  • Self Check version available for food premises owners

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Inspection Mobile brings the benefits of electronic data collection and mobile devices to food premises inspections.

Drawing on extensive consultation with Environmental Health professionals nationally and internationally, Inspection Mobile is available in four versions:

  • FPAR
  • AFSA
  • Premises Self Check
  • Customised to your requirements

For Environmental Health professionals Inspection Mobile collects inspection data, automatically calculating scores. Inspection mobile works online and offline and data can be imported and exported as required.

For food premises owners Inspection Mobile comes as a self check app with built in explanations for each criteria used and suggests ways to address any areas identified as needing improvement.

The results of the self-check are totally private to the food businesses and intended as a guide to help develop, improve and maintain high food safety standards.


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