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Maximise the value of your Scores on Doors schemes with minimal effort and expense by publishing your ratings on a centralised web server that will enable immediate public access to all Scores via any internet browser or the free mobile apps.

Whilst it’s great that Councils adopting Scores on Doors schemes are prepared to commit the resources required to provide official ratings for their local food premises, but the question that remains is if ratepayers and visitors are not provided with a simple, convenient way to actually access and take advantage of this information, can the full benefits for all stakeholders ever be realised?

Let’s face it, who in today’s instant access world is going to walk or drive all around the local area peering into windows looking for a Scores on Doors certificate when deciding where to eat?

If you want to find information today you jump on the internet or pull out your mobile phone.

There is now a quick and easy way for any Council in Australia to publish their ratings using the same platform used in the world’s largest and most successful food hygiene ratings scheme, and you can now try it for free.

Scores on the Doors Launch at
Greater Taree Council

Free Trial for Australian Councils

To see for yourself, take advantage of the free trial option for Australian Councils and register now to access to the Scores on the Doors Australia demonstration site.

The Scores on the Doors Benefits

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  • Simple solution to publish Council food hygiene ratings
  • Easy access to official ratings via Web or Mobile Apps
  • Raises food business standards & compliance across Council areas
  • Empowers ratepayers & visitors to make informed choices
  • Increases consumer confidence in local eateries
  • Promotes Council services
  • Rewards excellence for food businesses
  • Reduces the administrative burden on small businesses
  • Connects to Council "back-end" systems for data exchange
  • Fully integrated with Inspection Mobile audit app


Scores on the Doors

Food Hygiene ratings schemes, often referred to as Scores on the Doors schemes, have been proven worldwide to improve compliance to food hygiene standards across the board and increase revenues for higher scoring food businesses.

Whilst several Scores on Doors schemes are currently operating in Australia, including State Government supported schemes in NSW and SA and independently in a number of forward thinking Councils in other States, the full benefits are not being realised because a key element of all successful schemes is missing.

Web Publishing of Scores

Easy access to the Scores data is an imperative for success and currently the missing element from most Australian deployments.

Easy Access to Official Council Ratings

Using the web or mobile apps, ratepayers and visitors have the opportunity for the first time to include food hygiene amongst their selection criteria when choosing where to eat, then, by subsequently “voting with their feet”, they becomes a key driver of behaviour change amongst food premise operators as a public reputation for a high standard of food hygiene becomes a commercial imperative.

Scores on the Doors Launch at
Cootamundra Shire Council

Free Trial for Australian Councils

Register for the free trial of the Scores on the Doors Australia demonstration site.

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For Councils

Scores on Doors programs have been proven to raise the profile of Council’s Food Hygiene services and at the same time delivered cost reductions for compliance.

Local food hygiene programs promote local business, attract positive media and are successful with minimal resources.

Most importantly Scores on Doors programs build positive relationships with food premises owners, encouraging self-assessment and continuous hygiene maintenance and improvement.

For Consumers

Several academic studies* show that the standard of food hygiene was an important decision factor for consumers when selecting a dining destination.

Upwards of 90% of diners thought that the public had the right to know the result of a hygiene inspection

Point Duty’s Scores on Doors solution delivers the public easily accessible information from trusted sources.

For Food Businesses

Participation in food rating schemes has been proven to increase revenue and profitability for well operated businesses and consistently shows a significant improvement in food safety compliance.

The fear of bad publicity and the opportunity for good publicity are a key driver for changing the behaviour of the food premise operators.

The additional information provided by Council Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) as part of the food ratings process at the time of the inspection also helps food premises improve their star rating.

Free Web Portal and Apps

A primary finding of Scores on Doors programs is that immediate access to up to date information is a critical part of acceptance and participation.

Scores on Doors Australia comes with a fully managed web portal and mobile apps that allow users to search for food premises by location, distance, type and. most importantly, hygiene rating.

The web portal uses Council inspection scores to generate the information for the user.

The app can also be used by food premise operators to present relevant promotional information for their business.

Managed Solution for Councils

Based on the same “Scores on the Doors” solution operating successfully in the UK since 2005, and today encompassing over 400 Councils & 440,000 businesses, a fully managed food hygiene ratings data publishing service is now available from Point Duty for all Councils in Australia via a low cost annual subscription model.

Uploading data is simply achieved using a data file output from whatever application Council currently stores their existing Food Premise Assessment Reports (FPAR) data.

uploading the ratings data could not be easier Chris Imrie Cootamundra Shire Council

Updates can be scheduled to upload automatically at Council determined intervals to ensure information is always up to date.

Register for a Scores on the Doors Australia demonstration site using your actual food premises inspection data.


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